Harvey turned 3 a few weeks ago and because I can and because I wanted to, we threw him a birthday party. Since he’s totally into Legos, it was the perfect choice for a theme and I’m a sucker for a theme. The activities weren’t a big deal since we just brought out the Legos and let everyone play.

The most complicated part was the favors I sent home with each guest. I made little Lego shaped coloring crayons. This process isn’t for the faint of heart my friends. I separated crayons I bought from the dollar store into a handful of color groups, peeled the paper off of them, melted them down, and poured them into silicone molds to dry. Tearing the paper off of each crayon and popping them out of the molds in one piece was the hard part. I even used a mini blow torch to reattach the small nubs to the blocks. I do not recommend doing this. I’m a crazy person.

My mom made Lego shaped candy with a similar process and I knew that someone would inevitably mix them up. It happened. It’s not my fault. It wasn’t a kid.

We had marshmallows on a stick dipped in yellow candy to make Lego man heads and block sandwiches. We had a cake I made myself and a photo prop that Sean made himself. We like parties, but I’m happy it’s over.