Mesa Arts Center- Social Media Campaign

I had the pleasure of partnering with The Mesa Arts Center (MAC) to celebrate their 10th anniversary season through a social media campaign. I designed and art directed this concept social campaign that partnered with Arizona-based social media influencers. Each influencer represented a genre of art that the MAC showcases in their space (Music, painting, theatre, metalwork, and dance). Each influencer and the MAC shared the content on their platforms over a 5-week period with prizes and ticket giveaways.

Hoola Bars- Product Photography

Hoola Bars are a brand new health food bar. Each one has a different purpose and has ingredients to focus on that specific result. I was thrilled to photograph these bars for the website. 

Laura Ellen Coaching- Branding and Website

Laura was ready to launch her coaching business. She needed a brand, a website, messaging, and systems for getting people to engage with her. I helped Laura work through the 'why' of her business and together we created dynamic copy for each page that communicated her mission in a clear and concise way, while also prompting sales and lead magnet downloads. We also worked to create a visual brand that helped tell her story and made her accessible to both women and men. 

Milk Bath Maternity Photo Shoot

Charith and Michael are photographers, painters, and all around creative people, so that means they have a deep desire to celebrate their life through art. I know this feeling all to well. So, when I started talking to Charith about a maternity shoot, we knew that we wanted to do something special. I also knew I had to incorporate her global and eccentric vibe. When I suggested a milk bath shoot, we were sold. See the rest of the shoot here.

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival- Branding and Social Media

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival was in need of quality show art that matched the caliber of performance that people could expect to see on stage. I helped them with designed show art for each of their three shows that complimented their logo and brand, which I previously designed for them. I also helped them increase their engagement on Instagram through strategic captions, quality content, and relevant hashtags.

A Midsummer Night's Dream- Theatre Press Photos

Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream was in need of press photos that could be used to promote the show. I worked with the Director to identify the most compelling visual scenes and produced images that would capture the spirit of the show.

Creative Printing and Packaging- Website and Copywriting

Creative Printing and Packaging was in need of a web redesign. Their old website wasn't adequately describing to visitors who they are and what they do. They needed a site that would explain their many services as well as speak to a diverse audience who all have different needs. I helped them with an entirely new website and strategic site map, copy for each page, graphic content including photos of their products, and a file upload function for clients.

Hysteria- Theatre Press Photos

I had the chance to shoot the press photos for Southwest Shakespeare Company’s production of Hysteria.

Sisterhood Strong- Website

Powerhouse sisters Laura and Hannah needed a digital space to share their social movement around body shame and food fear. They already had a logo and brand colors, but they lacked a way to pull it all together. They needed a beautiful and functional space that would invite women to engage. I helped them with a Wordpress website, content, copywriting, and marketing functions like lead generation popups.

Wendi Michelle- Brand and Photography

I had the extreme pleasure of revamping the entire Wendi Michelle brand. Wendi is an incredible health coach, personal trainer, and product developer. Her website and entire brand was disjointed and in no way a great representation of her. I developed her logo, brand guide, website, and photographed her prepared recipes.