I’ve not really been all that good at documenting my thoughts and observations on this kid as of lately, but that’s not for a lack of either thoughts or observations. So here’s to  trying to do a better job at things that are important to me.

We’re fast approaching his 3rd birthday and every day there is something new in him that wasn’t there before. His negotiating skills have been on the rise. No matter if he’s trying to eat less bites of dinner or if he’s trying buy more minutes until bedtime, he’s always negotiating back and forth, which has been highly entertaining and yet infuriating.

Hulk is is favorite. Not that long ago, he insisted on wearing his Hulk mask to the grocery store and shouting “Hulk smash” at anyone who walked by. He’s always up for a battle and is happy to assign you to be Ironman or a T-Rex, but Harvey… he’s always Hulk.

When he prays at the dinner table, he always says thank you for the characters of his favorite show Dinotrux. He goes through all of them each time and has to be reminded to be thankful for his meal and other non-essential things in his mind.

He’s quick to say sorry and happy to kiss your toe when you stub it on the couch.

He’s getting really good at Lego building. Also, stepping on them is really as bad as everyone says it is.

He loves to pull up a chair to the kitchen counter and help with whatever I’m doing even if it’s just transferring something from the cutting board to the bowl.

He loves apple juice and has now experienced the joy of candy. He asks for it most mornings upon waking up.

He likes to read books and loves to watch movies. The slide is still his favorite, but he’s warming up to the swing.

He’s his Daddy’s biggest fan.


Couldn’t love him any more.