It gets hot in Phoenix in the summer. Duh.

We’re right at the beginning stages of heat. The I haven’t yet burned myself on my seatbelt, but I’m starting to use the sun shade kind of phase. We’re getting ready for the wave of triple digits and like many prepare for the long winter in the midwest, we have our own preparations to make. We stock up on sunscreen, bust out the beach towels, have the ac unit serviced, make sure the water cooler in filled up, and buy this year’s kiddie pool. Of course, many people have their own real pools and we have access at both of our parents’ houses, but in our own backyard, we have the blow up shark. I think I love this more than having a real pool on most days. There’s no deep end, Harvey can get in and out on his own, there’s no chemicals to buy, it inadvertently waters our grass, it doesn’t take up our whole yard and did I mention there’s no deep end? The possibilities of him getting hurt are far less and he just loves the freedom to splash around and climb in and out on his own.

Our BBQ was cooking up some dinner and we found the perfect shady spot in the backyard to set up. I sat close enough to get splashed a few times while Harvey joyfully reminded me to soak in the sun and the memories.