I’ve been waiting what feels like forever to share this project with you. I had the pleasure of working with Laura and Hannah (or Ham as we know her) over the past few months to bring their vision to life and I couldn’t have asked for more kind, trusting, engaged, and inspiring girls to work with. They’re two sisters who are out to revolutionize the wellness industry through their new community Sisterhood Strong.

Sisterhood Strong is a wellness community like you’ve never seen. They’re out to make all women, and I do mean all women, feel empowered, encouraged, and loved both inside and out. They’re combining science and soul to help you live bold and be free. They’re using their experience and education to help women break free from body hate, social insecurities, and food obsession.

I was able to engage many of my skill sets for this project including: branding, copywriting, editing, graphic design, web design, formatting, email marketing, blogging, and consulting. They came to me with a logo, brand colors, and the heart behind their idea, but the rest was up to me to figure out. Although they came with the basics in branding, no true brand identity had been established. We looked at tons of other websites for things they liked and didn’t like. We spent time talking through style, mood, and user experience.



We successfully used several Pinterest boards (including a fashion one) to give insight into their style along with a series of questions that would steer me in the right direction. They really engaged in this process which made landing on a brand they loved all that much easier.


We landed on bohemian and classic with a nod towards geometrical; natural, but not too hippy. Modern, but not overly young. We were really intentional about the brand representing all kinds of women. We didn’t want anyone to feel excluded based on age, race, body type or any other identifying factor. We wanted women to really connect with the content.

I’m so very proud of this project as well as the amount of time, intentionality, and heart that went into making it come to life. I hope that you’ll check out the site and send Laura and Ham some love. You can connect with them here:



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