The voice of Siri instructs us to turn. I’ve been here many times, but for some reason always get a little nervous that I won’t know the way. We pull in the parking lot and the I glance at my watch. We have about 45 minutes until sunset. This should be enough time if we get going. The entrance to the Desert Botanical Garden is just as beautiful as you’d imagine. I remember how much I used to hate desert landscape and how I thought that the big full trees with changing leaves was the only real definition of landscaping beauty. These days, I can’t get enough of this rough and southwest terrain. I think I just had to come into my own. This is the perfect backdrop for a family photoshoot.

As much as I like to plan most things out, a photoshoot tends to be the opposite. I like to see an idea and act on it. There’s a chance that it won’t work out, but there’s a chance it will.

Sneaking baby smiles, tickling tummies, and splashing in the water all made this afternoon special. Capturing memories and being a part of family’s story is such an honor. Every time I do this, I think… I should do this more. Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll own this part of myself and grant permission to be happy behind the lens.



Many thanks to the Nardone family for letting me follow them around for a bit and document their sweet family.