Standing next to you on this day is one of the single greatest joys of my life. It’s a celebration and I think marriages deserve that. We deserve that. Ten years is a long time, especially when it’s the space where we’ve grown up. We’ve had the privilege and responsibility to help one another discover the space we want to occupy in the world. We’ve been able to form our identities and shape the trajectory of our lives together. It’s been an honor to watch you grow into the man I know you’ve been striving to be. I feel a lot of things today, but mostly just accomplished and proud.

Proud of work and the time we’ve put in.

Proud of the intentional decisions we’ve made about how we raise our son and what kind of parents we will be, what kind of person we hope he will be.

Proud of the fights because they pushed us. They begged us to examine an area of our lives and get on the same page, process hurt, and forge a way forward.

Proud that after every storm, we find our way to the shore once more.

Proud that although we’re no where near perfect, we keep showing up each day.

Marriage has humbled me and made me better. It asks me to give first and sacrifice my own desires for the betterment of our relationship, home, and family. It’s still a challenge and I still regularly fail at this, but I’m thankful that you’re there to give me the safety and space to try again.

Thank you for the late nights you’ve held me in your arms while I sobbed after feeling victimized by my own inadequacies. You’ve given me exactly what I need.

Thank you for your unwavering confidence. With you I know that no idea is too big and you’ll always support my ideas no matter how crazy or unlikely they seem. You’re happy to see me succeed and you’re my biggest confidant.

Thank you for balancing my intensity and bringing me peace.

Thank you for reminding me that there’s life to live and my checklist will always be there.



Thank you for helping me craft a family culture that includes creativity. I’m so grateful that you’re always up for a photoshoot in the name of art or that our favorite conversations are dreaming up our next big project. No creative venture is off limits and I know in 50 years, we’ll have a lifetime of art to show for it.I love building that legacy with you.

Thank you for the way you love me and the way you love Harvey. You’re everything to us.

I’m honored to spend my life with you and I’m so excited to see what’s to come in our next decade. I love you with all I am. More, more-er, and more-est. Happy anniversary.

– Your Wife

These amazing photos are courtesy of Jay and Jess Photography.

Makeup by the talented SN Makeup